Swansea boss Paul Clement says Roque Mesa deserves chance in squad

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Swansea boss Paul Clement says Roque Mesa deserves chance in squad

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Paul Clement believes Roque Mesa has a long-term future at Swansea after confirming that the Spaniard will start Tuesday's Carabao Cup tie against Manchester sbobet mobile United. The £11m summer signing joined on a four-year deal from Las Palmas, where his pass completion rate of 91.4% was ranked the fourth highest in La Liga last season. But, the 28-year-old has only started once in the Premier league, against United in a 4-0 home defeat in August, and raised question marks over his future during an interview over the weekend. Mesa told Spanish publication Estadio Deportivo that he could return home "if within two months I sbobet mobile continue without having minutes", although he said on his official Twitter account on Monday that he would not surrender. When he was asked about Mesa's long-term future, Clement replied: "Absolutely, that will be very much judged on how he performs over time. "That is the same with all the players, they sign contracts, in his case a long-term contract, and we want him here for that period. "The kind of player he is, knowing the style and culture he has come from, I understand La Liga and the sbobet mobile intensity there compared to this league. "It is very different, he added. "But he is making gradual adjustments to his game and I am sure we are going to see some of those things."

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